What to expect at the class...

We provide one hour sessions for you to enjoy with your child which includes around 25 minutes of outdoor play.

Exploring new themes each week, Roots, Shoots & Welly Boots encourages and supports children's learning through songs, books and games based around the garden, the weather and the seasons. Themes include insects, flowers, animals, colours, counting and vegetables.

Through these fun activities your child will learn vital pre-school skills such as taking turns, sharing, teamwork and active listening.

What are the benefits to my child?

  • We stimulate all 5 of your childs senses by tasting fruits, smelling flowers, feeling herbs, seeing vegetables grow and hearing all the wonderful noises in the garden (wind whistling, leaves rustling, birds tweeting).
  • Your child will learn cause and effect by watering plants and watching them grow.
  • We give every child the opportunity to taste a fruit or vegetable each week which helps your child to try new foods with the encouragement of their peers.
  • Whilst gardening your child will gain fine motor skills and coordination.
  • And finally, it is scientifically proven that if children spend time outdoors in the fresh air every day they will have a better night's sleep - which in turn means a good night sleep for you!